Established in March 1993, the company is the first application arts company in Vietnam. The company was established in the years when the enterprises had still paid less attention on advertisement, package design and beatifying their products.

Kien Vang was one of very few companies specialized in arts application and the company had encountered many difficulties in convincing customers to be interested in style and aesthetic image of the enterprises. The revolution to introduce the application arts to the enterprises was the main marketing strategy of Kien Vang at that period.

The term "FINE ART APPLIED" is new term which is contained in the name of Kien Vang Company (KIENVANG FINE ART APPLIED SERVICE ONE MEMBER CO.,LTD) and then this term has been widely used in the application art activities and there is an application art department at Ho Chi Minh City University of Fine Arts established few years later. The period of 1995, 1996 was the arrival time of the foreign investors and that was also the time for the Vietnamese producers to think about the coat of arts for their enterprises.

In 1998, Kien Vang promoted in "message" products through the introduction of Greeting Cards to make contribution to improve the cultural products of Vietnam and the name of "KIEN VANG GREETING CARD" is familiar to the consumers until today.

Until today, Kien Vang is always proud of being and experienced enterprise in culture and art sector with many new ideas to serve for the art demands of the customers in brand stylizing, designing and building.


   Director Nguyễn Vũ Phước

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